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1981 Course with ANTONIO VIVAS. Crystallizations, celadons, Eastern glazes.

1980 Course with JORGE FERNANDEZ CHITI. Glazes and pastes for high temperatures.

Course with GREGG GORWEY . Salted stoneware.

1979 Seminar with ANGELINA ALÓS. Metallic reflections.

1970-1972 Ceramic Studies at the Official School of Art and Crafts of Barcelona.

1969 Potter's wheel, decorations and glazing internship at the Ceramic Workshop in Muel (Zaragoza).

1967-1968 Potter's wheel and decoration summer internships with Antonio Sambola. Verdú (Lleida).


2011 Sculptures inspired by the olive and its transformation. "Tracks of olive oil"

2010 Water sculptures (centenary of water arrival at Almacelles)

2009. Keep working on "Columns" Series and the "Walls/openings/closings" idea taking inspiration from Anna Mª Riera's poems.

2008, Training courses on crystallizations in ceramic glazes. Arsenal Art School, Vilafranca del Penedés (Barcelona). Escola Pau Gargallo de Badalona (Barcelona). Ondara Art School (Tàrrega). Escola Ramón Fort (Llers - Girona). Antònia Palau Workshop (Almacelles - Lleida).

Work inpired by Julio Cortazar´s book "All Fires the Fire". Selected as a part of the exhibition "Tots els Focs el Foc" to be on show starting October 2, 2008 at the Jaume Fuster Library in Plaza Lesseps (Barcelona).

Work inspired by the woman as a column/support.

2007, Life Series. Porcelain piece in which fragility, strength, form and cracks establish a paralles between porcelain and life.

2002-2004, Antònia Palau Ceramic Workshop, Almacelles (Lleida). Research in glazes.

1982-2002, Director of Palau Ceràmica de Sariñena (Osca).

1980-1982, Antònia Palau Ceramic Workshop, 38 Quevedo Street (Barcelona).

1975-1980, Antònia Palau Ceramic Workshop, 241 Indústria Street (Barcelona). Development of glazes.

1975-1980, Development of glazes from fired clay.


2011. December-January 2012. Sculpture and photography exhibition "Tracks of olive oil". Sala Antònia Palau. Almacelles (Lleida).

2011. November-January. Group exhibition." The 25th aniversary of the ACC". Museu de Lleida Diocesà i Comarcal". Lleida.

2011. March. Group exhibition "Women's situation around the world". Casa Cultural Robert Brillas, Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona)

2010. March. Water sculptures. Sculpture and photography. Sala Antònia Palau. Almacelles (Lleida)

2010. April. Group exhibition "·Metamorphosis of the book II and III " Artesania de Catalunya and FAD Barcelona.

2009. December. Sculpture exhibition "Within walls" with Anna Mª Riera poems. Sala Antònia Palau. Almacelles (Lleida)

2009. March - June. "Teixits lúcids i translúcids" Group exhibition. Centre d'Art Contemporani "La Sala", Vilanova i la Geltrú.

2008. December. Presentation of porcelain sculptures included in the jewels collection "Origins" by Idoia Liceaga, Sala Bencini-Barcelona, Barcelona

2008. October - 16 November. Group exhibition. "Tots els focs el foc" Homage to Julio Cortázar, Biblioteca Jaume Fuster. Plaça Lesseps, 20,22. Barcelona.

2008. September. Sculpture and photography exhibition. Work 2008. Sala Antònia Palau. Almacelles (Lleida).

2007 December. Photography exhibition entitled "Crystalline Glazes" at the Betula Alba Gallery. Almacelles (Lleida).

September. Porcelain sculpure exibition entitled "Movements-Life" at Sala Antònia Palau. Almacelles.

2006 November. Screening of the documentary film "Mineral Garden" at the Almacelles cultural festival.

October. Augustí Massana Gallery. "The twentieth anniversary of the ACC of Catalunya". Barcelona.

September. Opening of the Antònia Palau exhibition hall. Almacelles.

June. Catalunya Crafts. Group exhibition "The twentieth anniversary of the Association of Catalan Ceramists". Barcelona.

2005, July and August. Cort - Lluís Vilà Gallery, Banyoles (Girona).

2005, from July until September. Montcada Workshop, Barcelona.

2005, from May 28 until June 12. Presentation of the books Jardín Mineral I, II, III, IV. Armchair Fair and Ceramic Fair. Town Hall of Verdú (Lleida).

2004, from November 12 until November 26. Book of crystallizations and poems by Antònia Palau and Rosa Roca. Coma Estadella Showroom (Lleida).

2004, from May 20 until May 23. CERCO 04 (Saragossa).

2004, from March 26 until April 11. Casal d'Almacelles (Lleida).

1982, Museum of Ceramics of Barcelona. FAD-22 Ceramists.

1982, Glazed Ceramics Exhibition at the Institute of Studies of Valls (Tarragona).

1981, La Caixa Showroom of Mollerussa (Lleida).

1981, FAD. Textile-Ceramics (Barcelona).

1981, Marsà Showroom, Tàrrega (Lleida).

1981, Xaloc Art Gallery, Platja d'Aro (Girona).

1981, Town Hall Showroom of Balaguer (Lleida).

1981, FAD. 81 Gift Fair (Barcelona).

1981, Glazed Ceramics Exhibition, 38 Quevedo Street (Barcelona).

1980, Tot Espai Showroom (Lleida).

1980, Montsenyor E. Junyent Art Showroom, Vic (Barcelona).

1980, Marsà Showroom, Tàrrega (Lleida).

1980, Casa de Cultura Art Showroom, Les Borges Blanques (Lleida).

1979, Caixa d'Estalvis de Catalunya, Almacelles (Lleida).

1979, Robert Mercader Showroom (Barcelona).

1979, Caixa d'Estalvis Provincial (Tarragona).

1979, Town Hall Showroom of Balaguer (Lleida).


1982, Second prize by the Town Hall of Palamós.

1981, First prize of Artistic Ceramics award at the Ceramics Fair of Mataró (Barcelona).

1981, Mention of Honour by the Town Hall of Palamós.